Saturday, December 09, 2006

Octora now has new owners

I've sold Octora to MediaMoo as I have other projects in mind I must start work on. I'm glad for the new owners and they've already put some things in place to make the site even better. Octora has a new gui and probably will have many other new features as well. See the updated site @

What other projects you're thinking? I'm not totally going away from RSS feeds..I'll do a mini project with that...but then I have another project I'll start work in the new year that's huger than anything I've ever attempted; but I'm up for the challenge!:-)

On other news..Vista is scheduled to come out to the world at any minute..We'll see how this affects the RSS world..

Right now I'm also learning new programming languages. One I haven't really touched on as yet in C#. I've been accustomed to C++ for too long and must get into the heart of .NET . I also have to get up to scratch with Unix. If everything goes according to plan, I'd like to move to the UK within the next two years so I must be prepared.

Anywayz..I'm out of for now...will update this again soon...

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Minor updates, death to spam

Made some minor updates to the look of the page. A major update will be coming soon though to the functionality of the page.

I'm thinking about putting in some functionality so that you can search for most recent posts, instead of just RSS feeds. I originally had in this functionality but I took it out because it was taxing the server too much. I may try it once again.

RSS is taking the world by storm! There is a lot of spam being submitted via the add_rss.php ...actually..the add_rss_complete.php page, people are using automated scripts and programs to submit multiple spam links.

As a result, the crawler has not added any links for the past few months; and a new image verification will be put in place to help weed out spammers.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

So now it's out there..

So it's finally out there. And after all of the long hours, it's worth it once its useful.

Thank you all for the support for the Octora RSS search engine. We found out that one of the leading search engine news sites reviewed the engine. Here's what they said:


Our verdict

So what is our verdict?

Well, we will not give a verdict yet, as this clearly is a preliminary test version of the site.

A large number of relevant blogs are included, but the headlines included may be old. Hence at the moment you can use it to identify blogs, but you cannot trust that you get the latest information.

That being said, it certainly looks promising and the Octora team has some good and innovative ideas, and when the search engine is out of beta it may become a useful addition to our search toolbox.


You can read more @

If you read the review, you'll see we have a lot of work that can be done on the engine.
And guess what...we've already started.....let the games begin!