Saturday, December 09, 2006

Octora now has new owners

I've sold Octora to MediaMoo as I have other projects in mind I must start work on. I'm glad for the new owners and they've already put some things in place to make the site even better. Octora has a new gui and probably will have many other new features as well. See the updated site @

What other projects you're thinking? I'm not totally going away from RSS feeds..I'll do a mini project with that...but then I have another project I'll start work in the new year that's huger than anything I've ever attempted; but I'm up for the challenge!:-)

On other news..Vista is scheduled to come out to the world at any minute..We'll see how this affects the RSS world..

Right now I'm also learning new programming languages. One I haven't really touched on as yet in C#. I've been accustomed to C++ for too long and must get into the heart of .NET . I also have to get up to scratch with Unix. If everything goes according to plan, I'd like to move to the UK within the next two years so I must be prepared.

Anywayz..I'm out of for now...will update this again soon...